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Customers get Extra Free Tablets & Free Delivery on Orders paid for Using Bitcoin!

  • Free delivery if you buy 30 tablets!
  • 10 bonus tablets and free delivery if you buy 60 tablets!
  • 20 bonus tablets and free delivery if you buy 90 tablets!
  • 30 bonus tablets and free delivery if you buy 120 tablets!


  • 40 bonus tablets and free delivery if you buy over 140 tablets!

What Exactly is Bitcoin?

If you have been paying attention to just about any news outlet over the last few years then you have probably already heard of Bitcoin at the very least. Bitcoin is a pseudonymous cryptocurrency that is decentralised. Now, that is quite a mouthful. But what does it actually mean?

Essentially, Bitcoin is a digital currency- a sort of virtual cash. It is a universal currency that anyone in the world can use to make payments to anyone else. To make matters better, it is controlled by no single entity. Using a decentralised currency allows you to enjoy more privacy and independence when shopping online.

How Versatile is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has become insanely popular over the last decade and that is because with Bitcoin, you can buy just about anything. You can do it without involving third parties such as banks or payment processors or incurring exorbitant fees for currency conversion. No matter whether you want new clothes, a new car or some sleeping medication; you can buy it with Bitcoin.

However, Bitcoin is so much more than just a digital currency. Bitcoin is a vehicle for investment. The price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed over the past few years. In the beginning, a couple hundred Bitcoin could buy only a couple of pizzas from a forward-thinking pizzeria, back in May 2010.

What do Experts Say About Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is not going anywhere. In fact, given the trends in Bitcoin, ecommerce and tech experts predict that Bitcoin will be taken up by more and more businesses online and offline as more and more people buy, sell and HODL Bitcoin. This subsequently means that the price of Bitcoin is going to go sky high, so it is a good idea to buy as much as you can while the prices are right.

In fact, some experts have postulated that the price of Bitcoin will have risen to a whopping £60,000 by the year 2035 - just 15 years away! Bitcoin has already made many millionaires - imagine how much the Bitcoin you invest in today could be worth tomorrow.

How Can One Purchase Bitcoin?

Purchasing Bitcoin today is extremely easy. There are a whole host of trusted Bitcoin exchanges such as the ones listed in the three simple steps below:

  • Select Your Product

    Step 01

    Sign-up for a Bitcoin account at CoinBase or CoinMama (Revolut customers can buy Bitcoin directly from their banking app).

  • Complete Checkout Process

    Step 02

    Verify your Bitcoin account by uploading a photo of your ID.

  • Bitcoin Step

    Step 03

    Fund your Bitcoin account using a credit / debit card or via bank transfer.

You are now ready to Save when you Shop with Bitcoin!

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