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Provigil was created in the 1970s by a French neuroscientist, Michel Jouvet of Lafon Laboratories. The treatment became available via prescription in France during 1994 and later in the US in 1998. Its initial purpose was to help people who have sleep disorders, like narcolepsy, stay awake. However, because the treatment has specific adverse effects resulting in a sharpened mind and improved focus, it became wildly popular for off-label uses.

Luckily, today the patent on Provigil is long gone, as it expired in 2001, which means that the medicine has gone generic. A generic medication is when a treatment is made using the recipe of another pill, but it is sold under a different name and price tag. Typically, the recipe copied would be from an expensive, well-received brand name treatment. The generic option can be a genuine rival by being a high-quality alternative sold at a much more affordable price.

Modafinil is one such generic medicine, and it is sold using the name of the active ingredient. Modafinil, however, has several advantages over its brand name counterpart in terms of availability. Because it is sold through online pharmacies, like us, instead of the high street, it is available prescription free for anyone who lives within the EU.

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a nootropic, which is a group of substances that boost cognitive ability. The result is more important than the process for a substance to be classified as a nootropic. There are several nootropics, and almost all of them function differently but are still under the same category because of their similar end result.

Although modafinil is known for being sold through pharmacies, there are several nootropics that you most likely have in your home. Some of the most common nootropics are caffeine, L-theanine and omega-3 fatty acids. These nootropics can all be found at your local market.

You can find caffeine in several items, like coffee, tea and soft drinks, like soda. L-theanine can be found in black and green teas. Omega-3 fatty acids are a great substance found in several foods, like fish, that is very healthy and vital to a healthy diet.

Modafinil does not have any natural alternatives that give it the same potent effects, but several other treatments are similar. The most prominent is armodafinil, as the treatment is almost precisely the same, but it is just a bit newer.

What is Modafinil Used for?

Ordinarily, the brand name Provigil gets prescribed to patients struggling with sleep disorders, like narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), or shift work sleep disorder (SWSD). These conditions cause patients to struggle to stay awake in the workplace and could put their job at risk if they cannot perform their duties.

However, because of its nootropic impact on its user, many have started using its generic version, which can be obtained prescription free, to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

There are also several cases of the pill purely being used to get an edge in the workplace, as users can function at a higher level for long periods. Other examples of people who use the medicine include surgeons who need to have an intense focus for several hours to do their job correctly, soldiers who need to be vigilant at all times, and students who are busy studying for a challenging exam.

Some have even written articles about how the pill is an unfair advantage, considering it is easily acquirable and helps users achieve more outstanding results than they have ever been able to attain by themselves. The reality is that mental and emotional exhaustion is a decisive factor in human performance, and there is a way around it.

How Modafinil Tablets Work

The exact mechanisms of action in modafinil are still inconclusive. However, there is a plausible theory in place based on the observed occurrences in users. We know that modafinil affects the central nervous system and increases dopamine production in the brain. It is speculated that the improved dopamine levels are a significant contributor to the nootropic effects of the treatment.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, sometimes referred to as a chemical messenger, because it sends messages between nerve cells. A significant increase in dopamine levels carries several benefits, like a feeling of pleasure, lengthened attention span, and improved motivation and memory.

However, dopamine is not a manmade chemical that can exclusively be attained through medicines like modafinil. There are several ways you can improve your dopamine levels, like exercising, a healthy diet and getting enough sleep. You can even increase your dopamine levels through fun and relaxing activities, like listening to music and meditation.

Modafinil vs Ritalin

Both modafinil and Ritalin (methylphenidate) have several similarities and differences, making it a natural question, which is better? Ritalin affects the body in an entirely different way, which means that taking it in parallel with modafinil is possible, albeit not recommended. However, some use both simultaneously for boosted effects, considering the only interaction is a delay in onset for the modafinil.

Among the several differences between the two treatments, a few outstanding points are intended use, administration frequency, and price. To summarise on which is superior, using the reviews on both, modafinil is significantly better received, however, that is only for adults. As modafinil has no research on the use for children, the treatment you buy would primarily depend on the age of the user.

Modafinil Dosage Guide

Take your modafinil with a tall glass of water in the morning, or in case you work unorthodox shifts, one hour before work. The tablets generally come in two dosage strengths, 100 mg and 200 mg, with the standard being the latter. The medicine usually takes about one hour to kick in, which can vary slightly, based on the metabolism and whether the user had a meal beforehand.

The modafinil will remain in your system for about 24 hours, with their peak effects being for the first two hours after ingestion. The treatment can be taken with or without food, but the peak effect hours and onset can greatly vary if the user has their treatment with a heavy meal. Such as weaker peak effects that last for longer and a greatly delayed onset time.

Having a second dose of modafinil before it is wholly expelled from the system could result in a higher chance of experiencing side effects. To ensure that you do not mistakenly have a second dose before the last pill has worked its way through your system, take your treatment at the same time every day.

Additionally, it is vital to store your treatment appropriately to retain its potency. Store your modafinil away from sunlight, excess heat and moisture. The medicine is also purely meant for adult use, and it should be kept out of reach from children. An example of the ideal storage space is a locked cupboard above ground level in your room.

Modafinil Side Effects

Modafinil is a potent nootropic, and just like any substance, it has side effects. Fortunately, the side effects are hardly a need for concern, as they are all very mild and relatively infrequent. The most common side effects are headaches, nausea, and a stuffy nose, which resemble the common cold symptoms. If you have any problems with either your kidney or your liver, it could increase your chances of experiencing side effects.

However, if the user is not eligible for modafinil, it could result in severe adverse effects. The factors that could put your eligibility in question are pre-existing physical or psychological medical conditions or whether or not you are on a treatment that has a strong interaction with the treatment. In addition, if you have a severe allergy to the active ingredient modafinil, you should also avoid the treatment.

If you experience severe side effects, discontinue usage of the medicine, seek immediate medical attention, and do not use other medication to treat the side effects unless advised otherwise by a healthcare professional.

If you would like to conduct further research on the side effects, causes and medical interactions, check out the patient information leaflet on our website.

Is it Safe to Take Modafinil Long Term?

Yes, using modafinil is perfectly safe for long term use. The medicine does not have any long-term side effects, and there is a meagre chance of developing a dependency on it. Higher doses of the treatment are generally well-tolerated, but over a long period, it does have a slightly larger chance of becoming dependent on the treatment.

However, many users do report a psychological dependency. The difference between mental and physical dependence is withdrawal symptoms. Physical dependency would result in withdrawal symptoms when suddenly discontinuing the treatment because the body becomes used to a particular chemical state of being. When there is a sudden massive drop of the chemical in question, the body will display several symptoms caused by the deficiency in the chemical, but it will correct itself over time.

A psychological dependency is nothing as severe. The user merely feels that they need the treatment, even in performing tasks that they could complete without the assistance of the modafinil.

To avoid any form of dependency, mental or physical, it would be in your best interest to practice a tapering off period when stopping the use of modafinil. The tapering off period could take a few days or weeks, and during that time, you would slowly reduce the dosage strength over that time until you can function at standard capacity without the need for the treatment.

Before You Buy Modafinil in the UK

Although it is possible to get your treatment from high-street pharmacies, it might not be through a method that you would find convenient. The high-street does not stock any generic modafinil, and the only way to get your hands on it is through buying their Provigil.

However, the brand name option requires you to jump through a few hoops, mainly if acquired through the high street. To get your treatment, you would first need to make an appointment with your doctor and after a few hours, including driving, waiting for the doctor to be available, and the meeting itself, you only have a prescription.

Only after you have gotten permission to buy it, you can go to the high street pharmacy. Although the process might not be inherently unpleasant, it is unnecessary and expensive. Brand name treatments are always much more costly than the generic option, and there is usually a hefty fee attached to an appointment with a medical professional.

Through our online pharmacy, you do not need to worry about any of those costs. You can buy your generic smart drugs from the comfort of your front room, prescription free. To keep it easy, we will deliver it to your front door in unlabelled packaging.

Buy Modafinil Online in the UK

Now that you know everything a first-time buyer needs to know before buying modafinil, the next step would be to get your smart pill through one of the most reliable providers of it, us. Our website,, works out of the UK and distributes all our products throughout Europe. So, if you live in the UK, you will only need to way two to four business days for your modafinil, while anywhere else in the EU, it will take up to seven days.

To buy your treatment, all you need to do is click on it to go to its product page. Here you will be given several options regarding the quantities we provide the treatment in and the fantastic deals attached to each option. Growing discounts that increase based on the amount selected, and if you were to choose the bulk option, you would get an additional amount for free.

After choosing, add the treatment to your cart and head to the checkout page to pay. We accept Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers and cryptocurrencies. As you complete the transaction, you will receive an email containing the confirmation of payment, the estimated delivery date and the discreet descriptor name we will appear as on your bank statement.

If you encounter any difficulties with your product, the delivery thereof, or the email information, please contact our 24/7 customer support centre. They are fully trained and equipped to assist you with any enquiry or even just to give you some peace of mind.

Order your modafinil today, and enjoy the empowering effects that will give you an edge when you need it.


We would like to remind you that while the information on our website ( is accurate, it is not intended to replace medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner. If you are in any way concerned about your health or wellbeing it is advised that you take no chances, and seek urgent medical assistance.

If you have not found the information you are looking for on our website, FAQ, or blog page - our customer service team are available to help 24 hours a day. If you have any questions about the products sold on our website, please send us an enquiry using our contact form.

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