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Eszopiclone is a licenced insomnia treatment. Insomnia is a disorder which is characterised by trouble sleeping. There are several different types of insomnia which we will discuss in more detail further down the page. For now, all you need to know is that the two main types of insomnia are called sleep onset insomnia and sleep maintenance insomnia. Your symptoms may affect you consistently, or they may come and go due to external factors such as shift work or stress. As well as differences in frequency, the severity of symptoms will vary between individuals, and this will determine the dosage of medication.

Do you have trouble with getting to sleep and staying asleep throughout the night? Are your symptoms having an impact on your ability to function during the day? Would you like to know how to buy Eszopiclone online without the need to see your GP? If so, we can give you all the information you need, so keep on reading to find out more.

What is Eszopiclone?

What is Eszopiclone?

Eszopiclone is part of a family of drugs known as non-benzodiazepines, or "z-drugs" colloquially. The researchers at the pharmaceutical company Sepracor Inc. carried out clinical trials in 3 phases and provided the results of the trials to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval. It was licenced in 2004 and became available for use in 2005. The Eszopiclone active ingredient is a metabolite of Zopiclone, and it is much more potent, therefore available in lower doses.

It is sold under the brand name Lunesta in the US, which was the name it was patented under. Sepracor Inc. applied to European Medicines Agency (EMA) to have the Eszopiclone active ingredient licenced and patented under the brand name Lunivia; however, as the compound was chemically too similar to Zopiclone, it could not be classified as a "new active substance". This would mean that it could be produced as a generic medication immediately, which would give other pharmaceutical companies the right to manufacture the same medication at more competitive prices.

This is essentially what generic medications are. Generic medications are the same as their branded counterparts, but the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them did not have to put in the groundwork, therefore did not incur the huge development costs and can sell the same product, with the same safety, efficacy, and quality, for much less.

How Does Eszopiclone Work?

The Eszopiclone mechanism of action is similar to other medications which belong to the non-benzodiazepine sedative hypnotic family. It is a centrally acting gamma amino-butyric acid (GABA) neuronal receptor agonist. This may sound complicated, but we are going to break it down now. Medications that are centrally acting target the central nervous system (CNS) and the nerve cells, which are called neurones, extend from the brain, down through the spinal cord, and they branch off throughout the rest of the body.

The network of neurones that extend past the spinal cord is called the peripheral nervous system (PNS). This is essentially all one big network and the information that is transmitted in the form of electrical signals from neurone to neurone, controls how our bodies function. This includes our sleep-wake cycle, which is called the circadian rhythm.

Neurones, also called nerve cells, communicate using electrical signals, and these signals are regulated by chemicals called neurotransmitters. Chemicals that bind to the neuronal receptors such as the Eszopiclone active ingredient alter the level of activity of the receptor. This medication is an agonist, so it increases GABA receptor activity which means it produces more of the GABA neurotransmitter.

GABA is a neurotransmitter that decreases certain transmissions and promotes sedation and relaxation. This medication also has anxiolytic properties, so if you find it difficult to sleep due to anxiety, it will help with your symptoms. GABA receptors have the highest concentration of any receptor in the brain, which makes Zopiclone and other sedatives that target it highly effective.

What is Eszopiclone Used for?

Eszopiclone tablets are a treatment for sleep disorders. The tablets are most commonly used for insomnia. Sleep onset insomnia is defined as trouble falling asleep at night, while sleep maintenance insomnia is defined as getting to sleep easily but waking up in the night or waking up too early. Both types of insomnia may be acute or chronic, lasting less than 3 months or more than 3 months, respectively.

Other sleep disorders that Eszopiclone pills can help with include shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) and delayed sleep phase disorder (DSPD). People with SWSD work abnormal hours which interferes with their circadian rhythm and causes difficulty sleeping at normal times. People with DSPD also have an abnormal circadian rhythm, and the disorder is defined as a delay in the time the individual falls asleep at night and wakes up in the morning.

How Does Eszopiclone Work?

Eszopiclone Side Effects

Eszopiclone 1mg has very few side effects associated with it, and most people find that they do not experience any at all. If you do have side effects when you start treatment, you will most likely find that they are mild and resolve once your body is used to the new substance. Some common Eszopiclone side effects that affect less than 10% include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • A metallic taste

To mitigate against the side effects mentioned above, you can stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water and using chewing gum or mints to mask the taste. Do not drink too many sugary or caffeinated drinks as these are stimulating and cause dehydration.

The side effects listed above are the most common adverse effects that occur; however, this is not a complete list. Please refer the patient information leaflet (PIL) for a full list of Eszopiclone side effects, which can be found on our website.

Eszopiclone Dosage Information

Eszopiclone Dosage Instructions

Read the Eszopiclone dosage and usage instructions before you take it so that you can get the best results from your treatment. For all sleep disorders, Eszopiclone 1mg is usually an effective strength and this is the standard starting dose. You may need to take a reduced dose if you have contraindications, or a higher dose if your symptoms are severe. In the latter case, Eszopiclone 2mg, which is the highest strength available, may be a more appropriate dose.

It takes 45 minutes for this medication to work, so it is advised to take it half an hour before you want to go to sleep to ensure that it has been absorbed, but also so that you are not too drowsy while you still up. The Eszopiclone elimination half-life is 6 hours, so it will be effective for 12 hours. If you want anecdotal advice, then the Eszopiclone reviews can give you information written by other customers who have used this medication, telling you when they took it and how they got the most out of their treatment.

Use Eszopiclone Safely

Eszopiclone tablets are safe for most people when the dosage instructions are followed. To be approved and licenced for use, this medication underwent a rigorous application process. It has been licenced by the FDA and other relevant healthcare regulatory agencies around the world as it has been deemed safe and effective.

There are some people with contraindications which will mean they will need to avoid this treatment or take a lower dose. You should consult with your GP before you buy Eszopiclone if any of the following apply:

  • You are allergic to the active ingredient
  • You have breathing problems such as COPD
  • You are taking opioids or benzodiazepines

You should not use Eszopiclone if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as it could harm your baby.

Eszopiclone Side Effects

Benefits of Eszopiclone

The most obvious Eszopiclone benefit that will come to mind is an improvement of your insomnia symptoms. But it is not as simple as this, the benefits you will experience extend much further. Not only will you be able to get a good nights sleep, but by following the Eszopiclone dosage and usage instructions properly, you will be able to restore your sleep-wake cycle. While using medication, you need to ensure that you maintain good sleep hygiene by maintaining a regular bedtime, getting 8 hours sleep and getting up at the same time each day.

It is also important to make sure that the room you sleep in is suitable in terms of temperature, light, and that it is quiet. If you live somewhere that has a lot of noise, then you could use a white noise machine to drown it out. By restoring your sleep-wake cycle, your body and mind can recover, and this will positively influence your physical and mental health. You will notice the benefits of this in both your home and work life, for example you will find you can focus more and deal with stress much better.

There are also benefits when it comes to shopping online. There is a huge choice of generic products for insomnia, most of which are only available online unless you get a prescription. Your GP will almost always prescribe generic as opposed to branded medications as they are much more affordable while being equally as safe. The only reason branded medications are more expensive is due to the development cost, not because of superior quality.

When you buy Eszopiclone online from our pharmacy, you will benefit from the affordability of generic medication, but you can further extend your savings with our discount codes. We also offer deals with bulk purchases, meaning that each Eszopiclone pill will be cheaper the more you buy.

Before You Buy Eszopiclone in the UK

Before you buy Eszopiclone you should decide where you want to get it from, i.e., from a high street or online pharmacy. We mentioned that the choice of generic medications, are only available unless you have a prescription. Well, we think that is unfair on people who are unable to obtain one or when their GP will no longer issue a prescription. That is why we do not require a prescription for any of our medications, we do not discriminate based on personal circumstances.

As you do not need a prescription to buy our products, including Eszopiclone, you will not need to arrange any appointments or go to your chemist and speak to your pharmacist. This provides you with complete privacy at every step of the way. The entire process is online, and we ensure discretion by delivering your order in plain packaging. We eliminate the hassle of having to go to a high street store, all you need to do is wait for home delivery once your order has been placed.

We have a variety of secure payment options that you can choose from, and you never need to worry about us sharing your personal information with any third parties, so you can shop with confidence when you use our services.

Buy Eszopiclone Today

We have reached the bottom of the page and we hope that all the important questions you may have had have been answered. If you are ready to start treatment for your insomnia, then just follow the instructions below to buy Eszopiclone online in the UK. Choose the product and quantity you want to purchase from the list and click "add to cart". From there, you can proceed to the checkout page to complete your transaction.

When you are ready to make payment, you can choose from one of our safe and secure options including Visa, MasterCard, and Bitcoin. If you prefer, you can make payment by direct bank transfer. We will send you out an email when your payment is processed with the details of your order, including confirmation of payment, the description that will appear on your statement, and the estimated date of delivery.

We aim to deliver your order as quickly as possible whether you are in the UK or the EU. Customers in the UK will receive their medication in 2 to 4 days, and customers in Ireland and the rest of the EU will receive their medication in 4 to 7 days.

If you want effective treatment for your insomnia, place you order for Eszopiclone today at


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