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Insomnia is a condition that affects the ability to get restful sleep, leading to potentially significant health issues. People experiencing insomnia may find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep or experience the inability to get back to sleep during the night. The NHS says that this condition may affect up to 30% of people in the UK alone, making it a significant health issue. Many people buy sleeping tablets to get consistent, restful sleep.

Zopiclone 7.5 mg is classed as a hypnotic sleeping aid. In essence, this medication has the effect of making you drowsy or less alert. It is approved by the FDA for the treatment of insomnia and sleepless nights by helping you fall asleep quickly.

Zolpidem 10 mg is a hypnotic sedative used for the treatment of insomnia. It is an effective short-term treatment for insomnia. Insomnia is classed as an inability to fall asleep in a normal manner or conform to normal sleep patterns.

Nitrazepam 10 mg is a benzodiazepine medication that is also known by the brand name Mogadon. This medication is used to treat insomnia and it has sedative, anxiolytic and muscle relaxant properties.

Zaleplon is a lesser-known member of the 'Z-drug' family. Sold under the brand name Sonata among other, Zaleplon is a nonbenzodiazepine sedative-hypnotic.

Eszopiclone is a licenced insomnia treatment. Insomnia is a disorder which is characterised by trouble sleeping. There are several different types of insomnia which we will discuss in more detail further down the page.

The symptoms of insomnia can lead to people feeling irritable and depressed, unable to focus properly, and getting tired during the day. People waking up feeling like they have not had proper rest normally have insomnia. It can also lead to more serious health problems as the body is not repairing itself overnight. Sleep is a vital function of good health and should be prioritized to avoid illness. Buy sleeping tablets to get better sleep.

Studies show that most people require between 7 - 9 hours of sleep per night to be effective during the day, however, some people can be fully functional on 6 hours of rest. This number decreases somewhat as people age due to less energy being used by the body and brain. If you are getting broken sleep, or not feeling rested when you wake it may be advisable to buy sleeping tablets to get proper rest.

What Are Sleeping Tablets

Many people who buy sleeping tablets favor generic medications over expensive branded versions. Generic medications are readily available at online stores such as this and carry all the same great qualities as their original branded counterparts. Generic medications are not a "knock-off" of a medication, they contain the exact same active ingredient and are just as effective as when you buy sleeping tablets from a high street pharmacy.

Major pharmaceutical companies develop medications for various uses and pay for the research, development, and testing of the drug. This cost is then reflected in the cost of the branded medication. When the patent for the drug expires, it is re-tested by government bodies and sold on the open market as a generic drug. All the same quality, safety, and efficacy exists in the generic medication but they are more popular due to the greatly reduced cost.

If you are looking to buy sleeping tablets, you will find a great selection on our website. Each medication will have a different mechanism of action and the benefits of each individual drug can be read on their product pages. The tablets we sell on this website are Zopiclone, Zolpidem, Nitrazepam, and Zaleplon. They have all been developed by major companies like Pfizer or Sonata so customers can be assured of the quality when they buy sleeping tablets.

What Are Sleeping Tablets Used for?

People who buy sleeping tablets purchase them to treat different types of sleep disorders. Primary sleep disorders are not linked to a health condition, but Secondary sleep disorders are. They may be related to a variety of serious illnesses and you can buy sleeping tablets to treat both. Acute Insomnia is short-lived, for less than 3 months, whereas Chronic insomnia lasts for more than three months and is extremely debilitating.

People who suffer from anxiety and depression also buy sleeping tablets to help get proper rest and combat the insomnia caused by these mental illnesses. Before you buy sleeping tablets, it helps to be aware of the potential causes of sleep disorders and understand how the medication will work. Some of the factors that can contribute to sleep disorders are:

  • Stress
  • Eating too late
  • caffeine
  • Tv or screens late at night
  • Travel

When people buy sleeping tablets it may be advisable to download an app like Sleep Cycle to monitor sleep and see the effectiveness of the tablets first-hand. Track your sleep pattern before and after you buy sleeping tablets to see the difference that the medications make. This is a great way to see real evidence that the choice to buy sleeping tablets was the right one.

How Sleeping Tablets Work

Some people looking to buy sleeping tablets will want to understand more about how they work before they make a purchase. Each of our individual products has a detailed description of how they work on the product page, as all of them work slightly differently. The technical term for how a medication works is called the Mechanism of Action, and customers can read more about this before they buy sleeping tablets.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) is the chemical in the central nervous system that is responsible for inhibiting neurotransmitters. Some sleep medications use this chemical to reduce the ability of nerves to send and receive messages. This action produces a calm, sedative feeling and is just one example of a mechanism of action that is sought by people who buy sleeping tablets to get good sleep.

There are some other external factors that can impact your sleep pattern and enhance the effectiveness of the medications when you buy sleeping tablets online. Try to keep a regular sleep schedule as much as possible, and reduce the use of phones or screens for an hour or so before bed. Limit caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol late at night, and avoid heavy meals. Regular exercise and a balanced diet also greatly help patients who buy sleeping tablets.

Sleeping Tablets Dosage Guide

Customers should always buy sleeping tablets that have an appropriate dosage of the required medication to suit the severity of their symptoms. The dosages available to purchase range from 7.5 mg to 10 mg of the active ingredient of each medication.

All of our medications come with an effective dosage to treat even severe insomnia and it is important to remember that dosages relate specifically to the active ingredient in question. Refer to the individual product pages to get specific details on the dosages before you buy sleeping tablets from our online pharmacy.

All of our sleep medications come in a tablet form to be taken by mouth, with a glass of water. This medication should ideally be taken around 1 hour before sleep so that the medication has time to take effect fully and guarantee a good night of rest. Always refer to the product packaging for specific dosage instructions and use the medication only as directed when you buy sleeping tablets.

Sleeping Tablets Side Effects

Some medications can come with side effects and this is something to be aware of when customers buy sleeping tablets. Normally the side effects are minor and thankfully because the user is asleep after taking sleeping medication most of the side effects will go unnoticed. Side effects are normally only experienced for as long as the medication stays in the system. Some of the known, minor side effects of sleeping tablets are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Dry mouth

Be sure to carefully read the directions for use and take only as directed when you buy sleeping tablets. Drink plenty of water to help minimise any potential side effects. For a full list of the potential side effects that may be experienced when you buy sleeping tablets, consult the patient information leaflet on this website.

Is it Safe to Take Sleeping Tablets Long Term?

Sleeping medication is an excellent short-term solution to treating insomnia and other similar illnesses. It is important to know that when people buy sleeping tablets, they will not solve the problem, and will only treat the symptoms. It is highly important to look for the cause of insomnia and treat it properly

If using this medication long-term the body can become accustomed to the drug and there will be a need to increase the dose. This can lead to a higher risk of adverse events from the medication. The risk of dependence can also increase when using a higher dose than recommended, so ensure that the cause is treated and not just the symptoms.

When using this medication, to ensure its safe use do not take drugs or alcohol alongside the medication. To avoid bad reactions, do not stop using the medication immediately. Slowly reduce the dosage until use is stopped altogether. Talk to a doctor regarding a long-term solution for sleeping issues before you buy sleeping tablets.

The Benefits of Sleeping Tablets

There are many personal benefits when people decide to buy sleeping tablets to treat their insomnia. Good sleep will bring on a good mood, increase concentration and cognitive ability as well as the added physical health benefits. Good sleep is essential for overall health and well-being.

One of the greatest benefits is that customers can buy sleeping tablets online, saving time and money. There is no need to waste time making trips to the doctor or pharmacy, simply order the required medications in a few minutes with no hassle.

When people buy sleeping tablets at online pharmacies, they are purchasing generic medications. Generic medications will give users all the same benefits as a branded drug but at a significantly lower cost as the manufacturer does not need to recoup costs for research and testing as this is done by the original pharmaceutical company and government departments like the FDA.

Before You Buy Sleeping Tablets in the UK

People with insomnia no longer need to visit a high street chemist to buy sleeping tablets thanks to online shopping. All of the medication on this website is available to purchase completely prescription-free, meaning that customers can buy the dosage and amount that suits their lifestyle and sleeping requirements.

There is no need to visit a doctor or chemist when purchasing medication online. This in itself saves customers even more money as these appointments can turn out to be expensive. When customers buy sleeping tablets at our online pharmacy they will be delivered to their door in a matter of days, saving time and taking the stress away from shopping

All payments on our website are safe and secure and protected by a fully encrypted site. There is full surety of the protection of all of our customer data when using the online store. It is possible to enjoy even better discounts if shopping in bulk. Check the price per pill section at checkout to see if it is possible to increase the savings when making a purchase.

One of the main reasons that people buy sleeping tablets from our online store is the level of privacy that we guarantee. There will be no mention or indication of the website name or the fact that medication has been purchased on both the product packaging and your bank statement.

Buy Sleeping Tablets Online in the UK

When you are ready to buy sleeping tablets and have decided on the best possible product, go to the product page, enter the quantity required and click on add to cart. Continue shopping for any other items needed and repeat the process until complete. When ready to finalise the purchase, click on the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

Here you will be asked to enter details like name, address, email, etc. Ensure that this information is accurate so that the order can be delivered correctly. Remember that all of this information is protected by our encrypted website. Once this is completed proceed to the payment page and enter the payment details using either Bank Transfer, Mastercard, Visa, or Bitcoin.

You will then receive a confirmation email containing the order receipt, estimated delivery date, and the descriptor name to be checked against financial records and the order packaging. When people buy sleeping tablets from us, the order will be shipped from our UK-based facility. Shipping in the UK will take between 2-4 working days, and orders for Ireland and the EU will arrive in 4-7 working days.

If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact our friendly Customer Service Team who are available 24 hours a day. Do not forget to leave a review of our products and service to let other potential customers know about our products.

Comfortable, satisfying sleep is only a few hours away when you buy sleeping tablets online from

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