Lyrica 300 mg (Pregabalin Tablets)

Lyrica 300 mg (Pregabalin Tablets)

Analgesics are commonly known as painkillers and they come in different forms such as tablets, capsules, gels, sprays, and patches. Painkillers were developed to cure or relief pain caused by a number of physical conditions. The severity of pain usually ranges from mild, moderate to severe and different types of analgesics have been created to treat the different pains. Choosing the right analgesic for your specific pain is very important.

Lyrica is the brand name for the commonly used medication known as pregabalin. This medication is FDA approved and is a well-known analgesic and anticonvulsant treatment. It is available via selected online pharmacies like ours and has produced excellent results for many patients. You can seamlessly buy painkillers in the UK online, including Lyrica 300 mg, at about 80% less than the usual pricing of walk-in pharmacies.

What is Lyrica for?

This medication contains an active ingredient that is well suited for treating neuropathic pain (pain caused by lesions in the nervous system). Studies that compared this medication to other painkillers have found that it is more potent and effective in reducing pain caused by nerve injuries.

The same study also found that 300 mg and 600 mg of Lyrica helped to reduce pain as well as reduce sleep disturbances caused by pain. The popularity of the medication is due to its multifaceted approach relieving symptoms of its users.

Lyrica has also been effective in the treatment of focal seizures due to its antiepileptic features. The medication works better and is more effective for this condition when used together with other seizure medication.

Clinical trials have also reported its use at appropriate dosages in treating individuals with fibromyalgia, which is musculoskeletal pain in conjunction with fatigue, sleep and mood disorders. When you buy pregabalin 300 mg, this means that each Lyrica capsule contains 300 mg of the active ingredient and should be taken in accordance with your treatment plan.

How Lyrica 300 mg Works

Neuropathic pain usually occurs when there is something pressing upon a nerve or nerves are damaged. This can disrupt the way signals or messages are sent to the brain by the nerves. The disrupted messages sent to the brain may communicate that the body has faced injury or is hurt when in reality there is no such thing. This confusion will then lead the brain to think that there is in fact an injury and pain will then really be experienced.

The active agent simply works by amending the incorrect nerve signals that are sent to the brain and reduces its effects. For focal seizures, the medication works by calming the nerves. In simple terms, Lyrica aims to improve the communication between neurotransmitters and stops damaged nerves from sending incorrect signals. Research shows that using the active ingredient mentioned previously had increased quality of life, sleep time as well as normal functioning besides reducing pain.

Lyrica 300 mg Duration of Action

The onset of action Lyrica is usually immediate but may vary for different individuals. Some individuals may experience relief within 10 minutes while others may only experience relief after 1 hour. The medication is said to have a plasma half-life of about 5 to 9 hours and the duration of action lasts for about 12 hours. After which the medication will gradually be eliminated from the body.

During the action time of the medication, individuals will experience a great reduction in pain and will feel better in no time. During the time of effects experienced, one may feel dizzy or drowsy and therefore are not advised to operate machinery or drive a motor vehicle. Attention required activities can be dangerous to participate in due to loss of concentration when using the medication.

The medication has been successful in treating moderate to severe pain and therefore adequate rest must be taken after administration. Even though there are some side effects of the medication, its fast absorption and rapid elimination makes it a safe to use pain treatment. Individuals prefer this medication as there is less for time side effects to become worse due to its fast release time.

This medication helps to improve one's quality of life, as people feel more relaxed and at ease without the effects of pain frustrating and disabling them. The same applies to relief from related symptoms or associated conditions.

How to Use Lyrica 300 mg

Like all capsules, Lyrica should be taken orally with an adequate amount of water. Before using a specific dose of this medication, one should consider the severity of their pain, their age, other medical conditions as well as other medicines currently in use.

Usually Lyrica is more effective in treatment when used with other medication (concomitant treatment). However, the doses must not be too high, as side effects may occur. This medication can also be used to treat individuals that experience pain associated with cancer as well as postoperative pain.

The medication is a considerably strong formulation and must only be used when pain occurs. The 300 mg dose is a primary standard dose that is highly effective in treatment; however, it can be increased if pain is more severe and persistent. This medication when taken in extremely high doses, may cause unwanted effects and thus, individuals must use the medication only as recommended.

According to clinical research, a maximum dose (600 mg in 24-hours) of Lyrica is permissible. This administration proved that higher rates of tolerability and reduced pain (by 48%) were experienced, with few discontinuations by participants.

Lyrica 300 mg Side Effects

The common side effects of Lyrica when used by adults include dizziness, dry mouth, and loss of concentration, visual blurriness, and weight gain. The side effects vary from person to person and may only get serious if the medication is grossly misused or overdosed. This medication, if used in accordance with usage instructions, is well tolerated with minimal alarming side effects and maximum benefits.

Rare side effects may only occur if a person is allergic to ingredients of the medication. Overdosing with this medication can be fatal and therefore users must ensure they take the medication as advised. The medication may be used together with other analgesics; however, strong analgesics may increase the risk of more serious side effects.

Who Should Avoid Lyrica?

People who suffer from depression should avoid using this medication as it can become worse. People who suffer from rhabdomyolysis must also avoid using Lyrica, as it may increase symptoms experienced.

People who are about to perform tasks that require full attention should not use the medication as their ability to concentrate will be depleted and this can lead to accidents. A rare side effect of using Lyrica is swelling of the hands and feet and this contributes to weight gain. If the rare side effects begin to emerge, one should lessen their dose or stop using the medication until they improve.

Heeding precautionary warnings and contraindications will ensure that patients are able to experience the benefits of this treatment, without unnecessary complications. This information can also be found in the product leaflet.

More Information About Lyrica

Pregabalin has been used for many years to treat neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia. However, in recent years, the treatment has been successful for reducing symptoms associated with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

The symptoms of this disorder include muscle pain, insomnia, fatigue, decreased concentration and agitation. The active ingredient in Lyrica has been tested and approved for treating GAD due its specific mechanism of action (maximum daily-recommended dose of 600 mg).

Lyrica is used for treating nerve pain associated with diabetes at a maximum of 300 mg per day. This dose can be divided into 100 mg, 3 times a day. For fibromyalgia and onset of seizures, the initial dose is 150 mg per day and will gradually be increased to 300 mg per day (this dose can also be divided).

Why People Buy Lyrica in the UK?

People prefer to buy pregabalin in the UK online because it is can be easily accessed in the required quantity at the lowest prices. You can also save further on batch orders.

Lyrica is sold in different doses online, which gives people the opportunity to choose a dose that is suited to the severity of the pain, among other factors. Lyrica is available via our internet pharmacy,

We offer customer support 24-7 and these helpful representatives can assist you with orders and queries. Purchasing Lyrica online from our pharmacy also means that you do not have to wait in long queues. After order confirmation, dispatch is quick and your medication will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Packaging is also unmarked, as we place great emphasis on customer privacy. This includes protecting patients' personal information and only using such for the purposes of order placement and delivery.

You will find useful product and usage information resources on our website, to ensure that patients are well-informed when using any treatment. Contact us today to order your Lyrica treatment or simply follow our simple checkout process and order as required.



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