Marol 100 mg Prolonged Release Tramadol

Marol 100 mg Prolonged Release Tramadol

Pain is an uncomfortable sensation that one can experience in various areas of the body. It can also cause individuals to feel negative emotional responses that can affect their overall wellbeing. The sensation ranges in intensity and can go from being mild and manageable, to intolerable and debilitating, thereby affecting one's normal daily functioning.

Several painkillers (medically known as analgesics) were developed to treat specific pain, including Marol, a popular tramadol generic. This medication comes in different strengths that make tailored treatment plan creation and dosage schedules easier to fulfil.

The tablet has been approved as a strong opioid, which can successfully manage mild, moderate and severe pain levels. Marol can also be used in conjunction with other painkillers to treat more severe levels of pain.

What are Marol 100 mg for?

Marol is typically used to manage moderate to severe pain levels that result from the likes of osteoarthritis, injuries or similar. It is also beneficial in pain management plans that involve patients with various chronic conditions.

Broadly, the Marol tablet has the ability to treat the following types of pain:

  • Functional pain
  • Neuropathic pain (nerve injury)
  • Nociceptive pain (tissue damage)
  • Inflammatory pain (inflammation)

As mentioned earlier, the treatment is available in several strengths that can accommodate specific dose allocations. These strengths include: 50 mg, 100 mg, and 200 mg variations. Low-strength options are used to treat less severe forms of pain, while higher-strength options are used to manage unbearable/intolerable pain.

The pill is available in a prolonged-release or extended-release form, which helps patients further customise their treatment experience. According to Young and Juurlink (2013), this medication should be used as a first-line treatment for relieving pain sensations due to its balanced safety and potency profile. In addition, the treatment can be successfully implemented into treatment plans involving the elderly as well.

How Marol 100 mg Works

Marol 100 mg contains 100 mg of tramadol hydrochloride (also known as Tramal originally), a potent active ingredient that works by altering pain messages sent to the brain via the spinal cord. Opiate receptors present in our brain, spinal cord, and other areas of the body are responsible for generating endorphins (the body's natural pain reliever).

The medication basically acts as a catalyst to speed up the process of pain management in the body. Once the recommended Marol dose is taken, the medication imitates endorphins and promotes sensations that help to completely block the feeling of pain.

The tablet also releases the active ingredient into the body at a slow pace to provide longer lasting pain relief. According to experts, the tablet's natural mechanism of action makes it a safe and effective option compared to traditional opioid treatments.

Marol 100 mg Duration of Action

Marol 100 mg comes in an extended-release form so that individuals experience relief over an extended period. This oral medication has a bioavailability of 70%, with 90% of the medication being absorbed very quickly.

Marol 100 mg reaches peak plasma concentration after about 4.9 hours and has an elimination half-life of about 6 hours. A single dose produces effects that last approximately 12 or more hours (not exceeding 24 hours).

During this time, Marol is absorbed and dispersed via the bloodstream to manage pain for a longer duration. It should also be noted that although the tablet comes in extended-release form, it still gets to work fast - within 30 to 60 minutes.

Patients who buy tramadol 100 mg or this generic equivalent, usually seek to treat moderate to severe pain levels and need a faster acting treatment. By using this medication, the pain experienced can be adequately managed so patients can resume their normal daily functioning as soon as possible.

How to Use Marol 100 mg

Marol 100 mg is usually an initial dose prescribed to patients experiencing intolerable long-standing pain. The medication must be swallowed orally with a sufficient amount of water, normally a full glass. The pill can be taken twice daily (mornings and evenings) after food and if necessary increased to a maximum daily intake of 400 mg.

Individuals using Marol 100 mg must not increase the dose unnecessarily and too quickly. The dose can be increased or decreased according to its effectiveness and tolerance levels. The tablet must also be used when the pain level requires intervention, as taking the treatment without proper cause can lead to side effects.

Using the tablet incorrectly may decrease its effectiveness, so it is important to note usage instructions. Do not use this medication with other medicines that may interact negatively. They can normally be safely taken with mild painkillers; but other opiates and alcohol simultaneously can cause severe unwanted effects. Patients who buy painkillers in the UK report positive experiences/outcomes when using Marol in over 80% of cases, attesting to the medications efficacy.

Marol 100 mg Side Effects

Research has shown that common mild side effects of the medication include dizziness, dry mouth, constipation, and nausea - usually occurring in 1 out of 10 people. Uncommon, but possible side effects such as vomiting and diarrhoea affect around 1 in a 100 people.

These Marol side effects do not occur for everyone and many users go on to use the medication without experiencing issues. The safety profile of this medication is relatively superior when compared to other analgesics. It has further been commended in multiple studies for having a low risk for dependency and abuse.

The mild effects mentioned above are generally well-tolerated and decrease quite quickly on their own. If necessary, some individuals manage the side effects by reducing doses per day or by using other approved medication to relieve the side effects e.g. taking a headache tablet for mild discomfort or drinking more water for dehydration.

It is important to note that side effects are bound to occur with any medication and only worsen if used incorrectly. Therefore, people using this medication should administer the correct dose and be aware of negative interactions with other medicines.

Who Should Avoid Marol 100 mg?

Adults of all ages can take Marol 100 mg, however, individuals who have a history of or who currently suffer from seizures must avoid using this medication. In addition, people who are allergic to tramadol should also avoid using the medication as they may experience itchiness or associated effects. A few other cases requiring avoidance or cautious administration include:

  • Individuals who have problems with their kidneys or liver should avoid using Marol 100 mg (or administer a low dosage when advised to do so), as usage under these conditions may cause complications.
  • Those who have been previously addicted to substances or medicines should also exercise caution when using this treatment.
  • Women who are expecting or breastfeeding should not take this treatment as a precaution, since it may influence the breastmilk. More studies are still required to explore this subject.

More Information About Marol

Marol 100 mg can normally be taken once or twice a day depending on the extremity of pain. If it is very severe, then four administrations at most can be taken (400 mg maximum/day).

When using Marol 100 mg, do not attempt to engage in activities that require full concentration and try to get enough rest after using the pills. If you miss a dose of the medication, you can immediately take your pill, but do not double dose and make sure the next administration is not too close.

When taking your pills, follow above mentioned usage guidelines and make sure to swallow tablets whole - do not crush or break them. You can store your Marol 100 mg pills in a safe place beyond the reach of children. Do not keep expired tablets, and make sure to dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

Tramadol is usually safe and effective for patients and has a low dependency risk, but it should not be used for a period longer than recommended.

Why People Buy Marol in the UK?

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