Solpadol tablets are a mixture of the following two painkillers:

Active Ingredient Dosage Onset Time Duration of Action
Paracetamol 500 mg 30 - 60 minutes 3 - 4 hours
Codeine Phosphate Hemihydrate 30 mg 30 - 60 minutes 4 - 6 hours

When these two active ingredients are combined the drug is called co-codamol 30/500. This powerful painkiller is sold under various brand names in the UK, one of which is Solpadol. Solpadol tablets are a grey and purple coloured capsule which have the name SOLPADOL printed in large letters on each half of the capsule. They are manufactured in the United Kingdom by Aventis Pharma Limited (trading as Sanofi) and come in boxes of 100 capsules. Let’s read further to learn more about this analgesic, its many uses, how it works and what M. Luz Peirotén originally designed Solpadol to be used for.

What is Solpadol and What is it Used for?

Solpadol is used for the relief of severe pain in adults when other analgesic painkiller options such as ibuprofen, aspirin or paracetamol have not been effective on their own. The list of pains that can be treated with this particular painkiller is too long to list but includes muscle pain and migraines, along with headache and tooth ache, knee pain and back pain, etc. The addition of codeine 30 mg places this painkiller into a class of medicine called opioid analgesics. Opioid based painkillers are much stronger than paracetamol - and can be potentially dangerous - therefore they are normally classed as a POM medicine. We are one of the few stores based in the UK that customers can still buy Solpadol online at, but before you do so, lets look at some important considerations that all patients are advised to take prior to starting a course of Solpadol 30 mg/500 mg.

Preparation Before Taking Solpadol

Because this is a powerful opioid painkiller; all patients are advised to create a schedule for taking the medication. By this we mean that before you start taking a medication like this you should already have a plan in place to stop gradually. Strong opioid painkillers are best used in a manner where the dosage is started as low as possible then gradually built up to a maximum dosage, then gradually reduced back down until eventually none of the drug is scheduled to be consumed. This kind of plan is generally called a weaning off / tapering off plan and when followed the chances of a patient experiencing undesired side effects are greatly reduced.

How Solpadol 30/500 Works

While paracetamol and are two very different types of painkillers, they both work on the body in a similar way, to reduce the transmission of pain signals in one form or other. Because paracetamol is not an opioid analgesic it alone does not act on opioid pain receptors. While the paracetamol is working on slowing the transmission of pain signals - the addition of codeine blocks opioid pain receptors and virtually stops pain messages reaching the brain.

It is important that patients seek to find the underlying cause of their pain as this medication will block pain signals, but it will not cure the underlying root cause of the pain.

Solpadol 30/500 Side Effects

As a powerful analgesic painkiller, Solpadol may cause side effects in some cases. According to statistics, the most common side effect of this combination therapy is an allergic reaction to one or both of its active ingredients. An allergic reaction will normally result in a skin rash which will go away after the medicine leave the body. There are some other more serious side effects, but they are much less common, these include:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness or drowsiness
  • Feeling dependent on Solpadol

If you experience any undesired side effects when taking this medication, you are advised to seek urgent medical attention and to report the side effects to the manufacturer. Sanofi can be contacted by phone on (+44) 0845 372 7101 / 0800 035 2525 or via email on

Who Should Avoid Solpadol 30 mg/500 mg?

Mothers that are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take this painkiller. Mothers that are planning should also not take this painkiller due to the time it can take to taper off the medication. If you do become pregnant while taking this medication, visit your doctor for assistance. Do not just stop taking the medication suddenly as this can cause serious side effects and withdrawal.

Do not take Solpadol if you have a history of alcohol or drug abuse or if you know that your body can metabolise codeine into morphine quicker than normal.

Is it Possible to Buy Solpadol Online?

While it is becoming more difficult, thankfully there are still a number of places to safely buy co-codamol 30 500 mg (Solpadol). Unfortunately, most stores you visit, you will probably find that the product is unavailable due to regulations surrounding the online sale of this medication recently being tightened. Some websites, like ours, remains unaffected by the changes in legislation and are able to supply people aged 18+ with Solpadol tablets or an equally effective alternative brand.

Best Place to Buy Solpadol Online

As mentioned above, there are actually very few online options for this particular brand of medication at this time, however it is still possible to buy co-codamol online from another manufacturer. All medication sold on our website is of the highest quality - sourced from licensed suppliers - and is available without customers needing to provide a doctor’s prescription or fill in a lengthy online health care evaluation.

We accept all major forms of payment including debit/credit card, local bank transfer and we also accept Bitcoin! Because we love cryptocurrency so much, when customers pay for their order using Bitcoin, they will be awarded extra free medication along with their order - and delivery is also free!

All goods are packed with the customers privacy in mind - using plain envelopes - and sent using recorded delivery. Every order comes along with a unique tracking ID which is generally available within 24 hours of completing payment.

The information outlined on our blog is accurate, it was not designed with the intention of replacing medical advice from a qualified medical expert. If you are unsure about anything you are advised to seek advice from your family GP. Questions about the goods and services provided by can be sent using our contact form.

We look forward to helping you find a suitable painkiller!



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